Professional Services

Workbench for Professional services

Manage your people more effectively, track their skills and qualifications, use the right people for the job. Increase accuracy of timesheet entry and timeliness of client invoicing. Project progress and profitability are visible, online, and in real time.

Workbench project management software has developed an integrated time and cost solution to give your organisation a real time overview of jobs and staff utilisation.

Job Costing

Custom work breakdown structure to suit your environment and accounting practices. Customisable job set up.

  • Jobs
  • Sub-jobs to 6 levels
  • Detailed work breakdown at every level
  • User defined activity codes

Sophisticated Billing

Flexible and rapid billing options to suit every invoicing requirement. Reduce admin overhead and empower managers to  self-serve.

  • Input based billing
  • Output based billing
  • Claim Schedule billing
  • Internal and inter-company billing


Easy access to timesheets anywhere and on any device. Data captured in real time to reflect in costs on jobs.

  • Web based timesheets
  • Mobile timesheets
  • Crew timesheets
  • Payroll integration

Powerful Reporting

Workbench includes a large range of standard out-of-the-box reports to make the data readily visible. A Workbench data model allows real-time dashboard reports to be distributed using the business intelligence tool Sharperlight.

  • Standard and customisable reports
  • End user report builder
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Excel integration

Resource Scheduling

Manage your resources more effectively. Allocate your resources to jobs. Identify gaps and resource shortfalls for jobs.

  • Online real-time resourcing
  • Schedule by person
  • Schedule by job
  • Schedule by equipment

Skills and Qualifications

Human Resource management module. Centralise your training and certification. Receive notifications of expiry.

  • Employee details
  • Certificate tracking
  • Medical records
  • Security pass records
  • Discipline records
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