Credit Card Allocations

The WebReq card allocations module handles coding, approval and payment / reimbursement for purchases made using corporate credit cards. The card holder is able to allocate each transaction line on their statement in total or, if required, split across projects as required. Once the card holder has flagged a transaction as complete it is available for approval by the card holder’s designated Approver. Once approved, the transactions are posted through to the finance system.


  • Automated creation of card provider invoices fully integrated to your financial system
  • Offers an efficient system for managing credit card debt, keeping your organisation fully informed of total commitments at any given time rather than the end of the month.
  • Reduces payables processing and dealing with paper receipts
  • Import card transaction statements for fast allocation of costs to your various projects
  • Allows tracking of rejected/disputed card transactions
  • Enforces your organisations approval process
  • Full GST reporting and claiming
  • Handles an infinite number of credit card types – Visa, Amex, CabCharge, Caltex ect.
  • Maximises opportunity for use of card rewards
  • Auto-download transactions from your bank directly into WebReq for allocation

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