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WebReq is an Australian web-based purchase to pay software solution. It has been developed to help organisations meet and deliver a procure to pay process.

What is Procure to Pay?

Procure to pay is the process of requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, paying and accounting for goods and services. This could range from the simple purchase of office equipment through to the purchase of machinery and inventory.

To ensure validity of data, an organisation should have a full audit trail using purchase order approval processes to track the procurement of goods and services through to payment of the supplier.

About WebReq Software

WebReq delivers procure to pay software via modules that can be used separately or as a fully integrated purchase to pay software solution.

The development of WebReq started as purchase requisition software allowing users within an organisation to raise a requisition and have that approved based on rules.  These rules determined the flow of the requisition through to it becoming a purchase order, then being sent out to the supplier.

Over time, the rules around the approval of requisitions have evolved to the extent that there are very few, if any, limitations.

Since the first release of the WebReq purchase requisition software, development has seen further modules added to complete the procure to pay process for organisations.

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    WebReq software is divided into modules.

    Because many modules can be bought as stand-alone, you can tailor your system and pay only for what you need. Licenses can be purchased outright or as a monthly subscription. Secure cloud-based hosting is available, saving you precious space and the cost of maintaining your own servers.

    Purchase Requisitions

    WebReq’s core Requisition software module provides an organisation with strict controls around how requisitions get raised and who approves them. The online purchase requisition approval process can be managed remotely, ensuring there are no delays converting purchase requisitions to purchase orders, then sent automatically to suppliers.


    Once a purchase order has been fulfilled by the supplier, the inwards goods need to be updated to show which purchase orders have been delivered. The WebReq Inwards Goods module allows an organisation to check off the goods or services as they are delivered, either partially or fully.


    When suppliers send through the relevant tax invoices for payment the WebReq Supplier Invoice module offers the ability to have these updated in the system. The management of invoices allows rules to be set up for approval as to which invoices get approved for payment.


    Employees incur expenses that will require a claim to be submitted. These claims need to include all relevant documentation for management to approve the claims. The expenses need to be allocated to relevant jobs or projects within WebReq.


    Corporate credit cards can be managed by having the transactions uploaded from the relevant financial institution for each card holder to allocate against the relevant jobs or projects. Once allocated the transactions will need to be approved by the relevant manager.


    Over time we have developed additional modules to help streamline business processes and increase efficiencies. Our Australian development team can swiftly create additional functionality for organisations that may need something specific to their business.


    “Since 1987 ProTen has grown to become the leading broiler chicken farm developer and operator in Australia with 561 poultry sheds across 47 farms located in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.
    WebReq has been a vital part of Proten’s recent growth since it was rolled out in early 2015, seamlessly handling complex purchase approval processes, goods receipting and invoice creation and approvals. The set-and-forget rules available within WebReq’s approval workflows are flexible, powerful and robust.
    The email based approvals provided by WebReq avoid hold-ups of our critical procurement processes while providing the required information to managers throughout the workflow and approval processes”

    Manoj Kumar

    Commercial Manager @ ProTen Pty Ltd


    “KS Environmental investigated various purchasing software solutions before finding WebReq by GT Management in 2013, a system that works so well. Integrating with AccPac was very easy. We are now moving to WebReq’s hosted cloud environment to further reduce hardware expenditure. When asked, I highly recommend WebReq and GT Management”

    Michael Thorn

    IT Manager @ KS Environmental


    “Tasked with delivering planned and responsive maintenance works for thousands of social housing properties Rapid Construction required a robust, intuitive system to help automate this high-transaction process.
    WebReq has delivered in spades. The GT Management team has worked closely with Rapid to implement a start-to-end system providing automation of work order creation, sub-contractor portals, claim management, with automated supplier and client invoice creation. Now approaching 200,000 works orders processed to date WebReq’s Facilities Management module has proven its capabilities time and time again”

    Peter McFarlane

    QWHSE Manager @ Rapid Construction Pty Ltd


    Why Choose WebReq

    WebReq provides a full procure to pay software solution with full audit features, but also offers an organisation the option to only purchase a single module if they already have robust solutions meeting other requirements.

    Many organisations begin with the purchase requisition software module and then upgrade over time to include the full purchase to pay software. This gives an organisation a complete picture of who submitted a requisition, who approved it, which goods have been delivered and what has been invoiced.

    At any stage in the process WebReq can integrate with any number of accounting systems, including MYOB and Xero. WebReq is available on mobile devices as well as being a browser-based solution and can be deployed either on site or in the cloud.

    WebReq is developed in Australia by GT Management and we are able to add extra features to meet an organisation needs if existing functionality does not meet the necessary requirements.

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