Purchase Requisitions

WebReq purchasing software manages the purchase request to approval process. Key personnel are kept up to date so that requests and approvals don’t go missing. The purchase requisition process efficiently captures, approves and keeps track of purchase order requests.

WebReq 10.0


  • Intuitive, rules-based Purchase Requisition through to PO creation, providing for all required order information, attachments, photos, etc.
  • Purchase Order Amendments provide for modifications to existing POs with approval as required
  • Powerful set-and-forget approval engine with numerous available rules and approval types able to be configured per purchase type, with as many approval thresholds as you require
  • Email based, or in-app approvals
  • Enhanced recurring orders processing and auto-creation based on easy to manage templates
  • Enhanced document management and attachment handling
  • Intuitive and powerful selection filtering to quickly locate order and documents, produce lists and reporting
  • Import and Export of data directly to/from key listing and setup forms with online import templates provided
  • Enhanced reporting interface to PDF and exportable to Excel, etc.
  • Automated creation and emailing of supplier POs
  • Fully customisable questionnaires and prompts based on line code / GL codes used
  • Multiple suppliers within a requisition provided for, auto-generating multiple POs from a single requisition
  • Multiple projects/jobs on a single a PO
  • Single purchase order lines able to be split across multiple projects/jobs for easy cost spread by percentage or simple ratios
  • Project and profit centre security throughout; users only see what they need to see
  • Works orders / sub contract entry
  • Customisable labels; Use your own naming conventions for key fields throughout WebReq
  • Comprehensive budget entry and management allowing for escalated approval requirements based on budget status
  • Purchase requisition formats are built based on your business needs
  • Intuitive and flexible administration tools
  • Online help system provides context sensitive standard help from individual WebReq forms, as well as allowing for user-customisable content to be generated
  • And much more…

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