Standing Orders


WebReq is now able to handle Standing Orders allowing users to set up recurring Purchase Orders over different time periods and across multiple suppliers and services.

A new listing screen allows you to filter existing and historic standing orders and provides the ability to generate new orders based on recurring schedules. For example, a monthly telco bill may need to be set up to allocate it across multiple departments. Using Standing Orders you can automatically generate a new Requisition based on an earlier bill and then simply amend the totals for each department before creating the Purchase Order.

  • On initial opening the new Standing Orders screen will list all current orders (Requisitions) that are due, shortly due or overdue.
  • The latest Requisitions due for recurrence will be displayed with the related Purchase Order number. Where the latest Requisition has not yet been ‘PO Approved’ it will be highlighted as Pending.
  • Users can click on the latest Requisition number to view details if required.
  • The Expected Recurring Date will signify if a Standing Order is overdue (red), due today (green) or due shortly.
  • The Previous Requisition Number relating to each Standing Order is displayed and the full Requisition details can be viewed by clicking on the Previous Requisition Number link.
  • User will click the checkbox under the Generate New Requisition column to select those Requisitions that are to be “copied” to a new Requisition.
  • Initially the content of copied (recurring) Requisitions will be identical to the source Requisition except for the Requisition Date or Generated Date.
  • On creation each newly generated Requisition will be viewable on the list form automatically and can be opened and edited (if required) via the Latest Requisition Number link on the list.

This feature is free to all our existing WebReq clients already using the Requisitioning module, but will require an upgrade to the latest version.

If you would like to discuss any of these features, or would like more information in regards to WebReq then please contact us at 02 9665 4357.

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